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Island hopping

You can begin your trip in Brønnøysund or Sandnessjøen.

Take your bike from island to island. The package includes accommodation and bike rental, with prices from NOK 500 per day per person. This price is based on minimum of two people. The bike holiday with an ocean view awaits you.


If you want to start your trip from Brønnøysund, contact Destination Helgeland.

Phone: +47 75 01 80 00. Email: post@visithelgeland.com


If you want to start your trip from Sandnessjøen, contact Helgelandskysten Reiseliv

Phone: +47 75 01 80 00. Email: post@visithelgeland.com


Read more about island hopping here.


Walks and foot tours around Brønnøysund

This is for those who want a holiday with activity. This will give you a little extra exercise and feel your muscles get toned up.
Picture of nature
One of the most dramatic seascapes in Norway is the view from the hole through Torghatten, the mountain 10 kilometres south of Brønnøysund. The top of the mountain is 258 metres above sea level, and the hole is 160 metres long. The trip takes about 25 minutes. If you want a longer trip you can go through the hole, down on the other side and around the mountain.

Other mountains worth climbing are Mofjellet, Tilremshatten, Seterfjellet and Grønndalsfjellet. For more information contact the Tourist Information Office. Phone: ………….

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