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Brønnøy is located in the heart of Norway at the geographical midpoint between Lindesnes and the North Cape. It is on the Helgeland coast in Nordland county.
The region has just over 13 000 inhabitants and consists of the five municipalities of Bindal, Sømna, Brønnøy, Vevelstad and Vega. Brønnøy borders the municipalities of Grane and Vefsn in the east, and the ocean in the west. Brønnøysund, with about 5 000 inhabitants, is the regional centre.

  In the middle of Norway

It is located about 12 degrees of longitude east. So if you follow this line of longitude north, you come to Spitzbergen and south brings you to Göteborg in Sweden, and Rome in Italy.
The municipality is 65 degrees latitude north. So it is just south of the Arctic Circle, It is 'level' with Luleå in Sweden and Arkhangelsk in Russia. To the west it is on the same latitude as the central Iceland and the Bering Straits.

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