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Brønnøysund has several restaurants. Most of these are situated near the city centre, but there also are some traditional Norwegian restaurants spread out in the whole municipality.


The Thon Hotel in the city centre has a traditional restaurant with a mix of Norwegian and international dining. The hotel restaurant also provides a wide variety of excellent wines.

Along the seaside the Sea House restaurant next to the guest harbour. This restaurant mainly focuses on Chinese meals, but also this place has Norwegian traditional meals such as salmon dishes on the menu. It also offers lighter dishes like pizza and salads.

Milano is a restaurant with Italian and Arabic inspired menu, and is just a ten-minute walk north of the town centre.

Brønnøysund also has a Chinese restaurant strategically placed in the main street. This restaurant mainly has Chinese meals, but the regional traditional dishes are being served there as well.


If you like light meals there are two cafes in the main street:

Ritz and Havnekafeen , which are popular during lunch time.

About 4 miles north of Brønnøysund is Hildurs Urterarium. This restaurant is heavily influenced by old traditional Norwegian dishes with preferences as far back as to the Viking era. Hildurs Urterarium has its own herb garden from which they make their famous herb soup and herb bread. Guest who makes the trip can also enjoy exclusive house wines from Hildurs own winery.

If you are exploring the Velfjord area some 40 minutes by car from Brønnøysund, you can have a pleasant meal at Persplassen. Persplassen is situated in the cosy community of Hommelstø. This restaurant is popular for family groups and Sunday meals. Persplassen offers traditional Norwegian dishes.

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