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Some facts

The size of Brønnøy municipality is 1039 square kilometres. Including the sea area, the size is approximately 1900 square kilometres. The distance from the outer reefs and skerries in the west to Tosenfjellet in the east, is 105 kilometres. The municipality is composed of hundreds of islands and islets, as well as long fjords. This gives 600 kilometres of coastline.

Largest island - Torget (16.8 square kilometres)

Largest lake - Sausvatnet (5 square kilometres)

Major river - Lomsdalsvassdraget

Highest waterfall - Tettingfossen (75 metres)

Highest mountain - Breivasstinden (1224 metres above sea level)

Deepest fjord - Tosenfjorden (552 metres)

Longest fjord - Tosenfjorden (32 kilometres)

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